Sanlam Investment Management Balanced Fund (Tax Free)


This is an asset allocation fund which aims to grow capital steadily while providing income over the medium to longer term. The preservation of real capital is of primary importance in achieving this objective. The fund is Reg. 28 compliant and is suitable for retirement savings. The fund may hold up to 25% in offshore assets.

Quick facts (as at 30 April 2019)

Fees (Incl VAT) 1.43%
Risk Profile Moderate Aggressive
Portfolio Size R 18 841.9 million
Average growth per year 4.97%
Launch Date 05 Mar 2015
Fund Classification SA - Multi Asset - High Equity
Minimum Investment Amount Lump sum: R10,000 | Monthly: R500
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 1.60%


Annualised Total Return as at 30 April 2019 on a rolling monthly basis
  Fund (%) Benchmark (%)
1 year 5.29 4.80
3 year 5.09 4.49
Since inception 4.97 4.55
Annualised return is the weighted average compound growth rate over the period measured
Highest and lowest annual returns over 10 years/since inception
Highest Annual % 6.04
Lowest Annual % 2.92

Illustrative Cumulative Growth of an investment of R100

Source: Morningstar Direct
Sanlam Investment Management Balanced Fund (Tax Free) (ASISA) South African MA High Equity

 Graph Disclaimer

This graph illustrates how an investment of R100 would have grown had you invested for the time period displayed. Like everything in life, all investments can change and come with some degree of risk. That’s why we need this disclaimer, to tell you that past performances are not necessarily a guide to future performances, and that the value of investments/units/unit trusts may go down as well as up. The performance shown by this graph happened in the past and is not guaranteed. The performance is calculated by taking into account initial and ongoing fund manager fees and assumes that you reinvested all the income earned by the fund over this period.

The other line on the graph is for the performance of the designated benchmark of the fund – normally either an index or other funds in the industry that are comparable to the fund you’ve chosen.

The Manager has the right to close the portfolio to new investors in order to manage it more efficiently in accordance with its mandate. The actual fund performance can be viewed on the Minimum Disclosure Document. Annualised return is the weighted average compound growth rate over the period measured.

Fund profile: Moderate Aggressive

Conservative Moderate Aggressive

Asset Allocation

0.74% Bonds 0 - 3 years
6.81% Bonds 12+ years
2.14% Bonds 3 - 7 years
3.92% Bonds 7 - 12 years
9.97% Cash and Money Market Assets
42.24% Equities
0.02% Exchange Traded Funds
0.12% Inflation Linked Bonds
25.18% International Assets
0.03% Preference Shares
8.83% Property

Top Holdings

Naspers -N- 12.15%

Sanlam Real Assets SI USD 5.36%

SIM Property Fund 5.10%

Sanlam Universal Funds PLC SIM Global Emerging Mkts Fnd D2 4.05%

Sanlam FOUR US Dividend Fund 3.96%

Sanlam Universal Funds PLC SPW Global High Quality Fund 3.95%

Sanlam FOUR Stable Global Equity Class A USD 3.83%

FirstRand 0.00% 23012024 2.58%

Anglos 2.39%

FirstRand / RMBH 2.16%


Our smart online system is working to make investing more profitable for you. The management fee you pay is based on the fund selected and calculated on your total contributions, and then applied to the overall value of your portfolio.

Your investment will NOT charge the following fees:

  • No initial account set-up fees – usually charged at 2%.
  • No switching fees
  • No exit fees
  • No account changes fees
  • No rebalancing fees
  • No commissions
  • No debit order fees
  • No fund manager rebates

So you’re only charged the relevant fund-management fee

  • Total Annual Fee: 1.43%

Portfolio Managers


Frederick White

Over and above managing the Balanced Fund, Fred has been the Head of Asset allocation and Macro Research at Sanlam Investments since 2008. Up until then, he was Head of Resources, Strategy, and Process and Research. Fred holds a M.Eng from Stellenbosch University, is a qualified Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) and obtained an MBA from Stanford University in 1996. Prior to joining Sanlam Investments, Fred held various roles at Investec Asset Management, including the Head of Resources.


Ralph Thomas

Ralph was appointed to his current role as portfolio manager in Balanced Funds in 2016. Ralph has more than 12 years of financial services experience specialising in multi-asset structuring. Before joining the Sanlam Group, Ralph was a director at Deutsche Bank AG (South Africa) and a senior manager at Standard Bank. Through prior roles, Ralph has gained extensive experience in trading, structuring, research and analysis across asset classes within global financial markets. Ralph holds a B.Business Science from the University of Cape Town, and obtained an MBA (cum laude) from University of Cape Town (GSB) in 2014.

SIM and Satrix

More about Sanlam Investment Management:

Sanlam Investment Management is the local active asset management house within Sanlam Investments. When choosing a fund managed by us, you have on your side one of SA’s largest and most reputable, risk conscious investment teams, consistently meeting or exceeding our benchmarks. Sanlam Collective Investments has appointed SIM as the asset manager for its unit trust funds, catering for the full spectrum of risk profiles.

More about Satrix Managers:

Satrix, pioneers in the passive management space are now fully owned by Sanlam. It was the first to market with a passive solution and recently launched SA’s first smart beta multi-asset fund. The Satrix range is Sanlam’s answer to the growing demand for low-cost investments with a predictable index-linked outcome.


Sanlam Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd and Satrix Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd, a registered and approved Manager in Collective Investment Schemes in Securities. Collective investment schemes are generally medium- to long-term investments. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, and that the value of investments / units / unit trusts may go down as well as up.

A schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions is available from the Manager on request. Collective investments are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. The Manager does not provide any guarantee either with respect to the capital or the return of a portfolio.